Real Cichlids Don't Eat Quiche!

The Central American Cichlid hall of fame:

  1. Blue Freckled Monster Petenia umbriferum
  2. Wolf Cichlid Cichlasoma dovii
  3. Red Devil Complex C.citrinellum, labiatum and zaliosum
  4. Jaguar Cichlid Cichlasoma managuense
  5. Black Nasty Cichlasoma haitiensis
  6. Red Terror Cichlasoma festae
  7. Motaguense Cichlasoma motaguense
  8. Trimac Cichlasoma trimaculatum
  9. Green Guapote Cichlasoma beani
  10. Green Texas Cichlid Cichlasoma carpintis
  11. Neet Neetroplus nematopus
  12. Convict Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum

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Photographing Cichlids by Ann O'Mera

This page was created by Jef Blake with informational assistance from Mel O'Mera & Scott Blake. The older pictures were taken by Ann O'Mera